Dakhtuan Sailor and Con Artist


Human/Dakhtu, Rogue/Thief 1
Chaotic Good
Armor Class14
Hit Points9
Speed30 ft.

12 (1)
16 (
13 (1)
11 (0)
9 (-1)
16 (

Skills: Athletics +3, Deception +7, Perception +1, Persuasion +7, Sleight of Hand +5, Stealth +5


Kida is a short, lithe Dakhtuan woman who has spent as much of her life on the ocean as she has on land. While her parents live on an island along the northern coast, Kida was born, fittingly, on a ship stuck out of port. She keeps her hair cropped short on the sides with a braid coming to an end just between her shoulder blades, always kept clean and tight as long as the sun is out. Her eyes are a light gray, a stark contrast to her dark Dakhtuan skin. She adorns herself with white ink “tattoos” while on the ocean, typically a subtle reverence for Za’ato, whom she respects greatly.

Kida has a very large raft that she has been building for the better part of the past decade, a simple project that she hopes to expand into a proper floating home, though she’ll admit to herself freely that it will likely never be done. For the most part, she uses it to ferry travelers between her island and the mainland, occasionally with cargo and livestock. She’s insatiably curious, seeing every encounter and discovery as a chance to learn something new about the world, and values stories far above gold. She recognizes the use of money, of course, and is happy to pass off a glass bauble as some fine gemstone if it means she gets to hear her treasured stories.

Kida has, since her youth, had trouble keeping her hands out of other peoples’ pockets. Light fingers and a silver tongue has seen her through most of her life without having to find proper employment, though the intent is never malice. She takes only what she needs, and anything left over finds its way to those in a worse place than herself. This is most often food, something easily missed, though occasionally a trinket or a necklace will turn up missing from her passengers. On one trip a few years back, she made the mistake of stealing a book: a ledger tracking some sort of transactions that Kida didn’t understand. The man who lost it, however, turned violent when he realized it was gone, attacking the family that let him stay in their home during his trip. Naturally, he was thrown out of the village, but he has sworn to come back someday and exact revenge. While she generally doesn’t fear what might be coming, the threat resonated with Kida, who now keeps an eye out for him. Certain that the book is important, somehow, she keeps the ledger nearby wherever she travels.

While not a violent woman by nature, Kida considers it foolish to not learn to defend yourself. She’s a talented fisher and a passable hunter, and uses that knowledge to defend herself as necessary with her fishing spear. When the fight calls for something more personal, she keeps a pair of long knives at her waist. Kida is also adept at using her blowgun to bring down small fowl, though she has never used it in a fight against another human — and she hopes she never has to.

After hearing about the empire’s plans to colonize Varika, Kida saw this as a way to see a new world! Perhaps she could find something nobody has ever seen before, or discover a valley to be named after her! She took to her village elders a proposal: she would tag along with the colonists that they were wary of, act as their guide, provide help navigating the waters that she knows better than anyone else. Once they make landfall, she could ensure they treat their new home with the respect it deserves, and if she learns of anything exciting or interesting, she’ll send a missive home immediately. All she needs is their blessing, and maybe some supplies for the trip…


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