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The players in this campaign are some of the first colonists of a new continent.  Though the continent has been rumored and fabled for some time, the colony of New Territh is one of a handful of the first colonies of the Empire of Aeritain, which has claimed the majority of the landmass.  Each nation has a different name for the continent but to the peoples of the Empire it is known as Varika, named for the explorer who lays claim to its discovery. 

As the various adventurers who have decided to make their home in the nascent New Territh, the players can use this wiki to reference the various nations of the world, the various NPCs who are important within the colony, and any other important points they would like from their adventures.  They can also track the development of their character over time, should they survive.  

The first thing they'll want to reference is the Character Creation Guidelines

For background information they can check in on the Nations of the World or learn about the NPC Colonists and once they have created them, they should upload their character.

Main Page

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